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Food in Wardha

Wardha is a small but economically important city in the central Indian state of Maharashtra and is immensely famous for its historical association with the Indian National Movement and its present status as a hotbed of tourism, which is visited by tourists from all parts of the world. Travellers who are on the lookout for all possible information on this city shall get a general idea of the cuisines available here, in this article. 
Wardha Food
Wardha is generally characterized by the overwhelming presence of Maharashtrian cuisine, besides other Indian, sub continental and Chinese ones. The food consumed by the people of Maharashtra is broadly categorised as Maharashtrian cuisine, the nature of which may vary from sweet and mild dishes to intensely spicy ones. The most important components of a typical diet in this city, as well as the state, are wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, lentils, bajri and jowar. Some of the most popular dishes in this genre of food are batata wada, modak and puran poli.

The most regular dishes and meals in Wardha are served on a utensil known by the name of ‘thali’ – and the food items served on a ‘thali’ follow a specific order and custom. The typical indigenous cuisines in this city are mainly based on rice and bread and can be represented as – 
  • Bhakri – this is the variety of bread that is made from millets and is available in the rural areas adjacent to the city.

  • Chappati or Ghadichi Poli – This is the type of bread that is more commonly available in the urban areas and is made of wheat. 

Some of the most important side dishes and snacks available in the Wardha cuisine are – 
  • Upma – (Also known as sanja or upteeth) – The name as well as the taste and composition of this food item bear similarity with a south Indian item. Typically, this is a thick and dense porridge that contains spices, green chillies and onions as taste enhancers.

  • Vada Pav – This is one of the most loved and immensely popular snacks available at almost every street corner in Wardha. The name comes from the combination of the two words ‘vada’ and ‘pav’ – while the ‘vada’ is the fried mashed potato stuffing, the ‘pav’ is wheat bun inside which the stuffing is present. The addition of ‘chutney’ and a number of other supplements enhances the taste of this typical Maharashtrian food item and earns it the tag of the ‘Indian Burger’.

  • Chivda – Popularly known by the name of ‘Bombay Mix’ in other countries, the ‘chivda’ is plain rice cooked and flattened with spices and subsequently lent a dried appearance.

  • Poha – This is a food item is similar in taste and composition to ‘chivda’ and is also made of flattened rice. Generally offered alongside tea, this is one of the most popular household cuisines in Wardha. 

Famous sweets and desserts found in Wardha are

  • Puran Poli
  • Modak
  • Gulachi Poli
  • Gulab Jaam
  • Jilbi
  • Laddu
  • Shrikhand

Restaurants in Wardha

One of the key determinants of the tourism potential of a place is the quality and variety of food available there- the type and cost of cuisines available at a particular place are important factors which motivate travelers to draw specific conclusions about that place. Wardha, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a city that is famous for being a popular tourist destination – an epithet that gains considerable credibility by virtue of the rich variety of cuisines it makes available to tourists. In this article, we shall provide a list of some of the most well known restaurants in Wardha.

Restaurants in Wardha

List of Restaurants in Wardha

Bon Appetite
Location – Surendra Nagar,
Ph – 8408880765

Nanking Chinese Restaurant
Location – Sadar Bazar,
Ph - (0712) 2531850

Krishnum Food Plaza,
Location – Wardha Road,
Ph - (0712) 2763333

Datar’s 5 Recipes,
Location – Subhash Nagar,
Ph - 9096499530

Jharokha Restaurant,
Location – Saranpur Road,
Ph- (0712)-2580777

Delite Veg Garden Restaurant,
Location – Nagpur Road,
Ph - 91 9890356420

Nupur Restaurant,
Location – Bachelor Road,
Ph – (0712)-240336

Flavourz Food Lounge,
Location – Near D.M..Medical College,
Ph - 91 9595582979

Maratha Family Restaurant,
Location – Wardha Road,
Ph - (0712) 2295193

Moti Mahal Garden and Restaurant,
Location – Tiranga Square,
Ph - 91-7123984036

Radhika Restaurant,
Location – Main Road, Opposite Lic,
Ph - (0712)-240316

Front Page Restaurant,
Location – Saranpur Road,
Ph - (0712)-2318061

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